Terms of Service

Terms of Service

If you would like read a small ramble, please read the whole page. My dad recommended I have one of these. I tend to hold his advice and recommendations with high regard, so here we go. Take note I am not a lawyer, so it is a “lawyerised” terms of service note. It basically says Smalberger.com is our worldwide Smalberger family tree online, dating way back, for anyone who registers, free to use, browse and comment. There is some moderation, nice behaviour is good, contributing is highly recommended. The project was created as a goodwill, living project, and also that I’m not Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

Here’s the more wordy bit:

This site provides online access to the Smalberger family tree and genealogy information dating back to 1677. The historical information is largely from “Die Smalberger familieregister” by Henry C. Hopkins published in 1962, including additions and updates since. There are well over 1000 individuals in the database and it’s growing on a constant basis. The website is a spare time personal project which I endeavoured to get off the ground, maintain and oversee. The genealogy information is largely gathered by family. Given the nature of the website and content within, not limited to birth dates, full names and places of birth I have made it a membership access only. Information is only used for the purposes of the Smalberger family tree, including member registration information. This is a project of goodwill. I appreciate any feedback or recommendations. If you would like to be removed from the database, please let me know and I will do my best to action your request as soon as possible. If any of the information is inaccurate, please let me know so that it can be corrected, or if there is missing information we can add it. The more accurate the information we have, the more accurate the historical records will be for our future generations. Please feel free to comment all over the family tree.

The comments are moderated and users who abuse the system will be blocked. This does not mean that you are limited to 10 comments per day, rather I prefer 100 or 1000 comments on different individuals’ life history and stories! Defamatory, insensitive remarks or foul language are not tolerated. I do not foresee the website bringing harm or damage to anybody. I have strived to balance privacy and ease of accessibility. If however for some reason harm or damage occurs, please remember that this is a personal spare time project I have made, largely out of demand, with my own resources to allow the global family to enjoy the knowledge of where they came from and who is family. It is not limited to essential guidance and source from ButlerBlog, Google, Designwhoop and more. I do not assume financial responsibility for damages if somehow, I’m not sure how, it occurs by your registration or use of Smalberger.com. Anyway, I think this spiel has gone for much too long. I’ll let you get back to finishing your registration so that you can browse (and comment!) on the Smalberger family tree!

The site will have occasional improvements and changes in the future, like a living project, sometimes it will grow fast, sometimes it won’t be as fast.

Give feedback. Comment. Contribute. Enjoy it.

Best wishes,

Johan Smalberger

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Welcome to Smalberger.com. Home of the family tree of Smalbergers worldwide. Currently the ancestral records date back to Lohrhaupten, Germany in 1677.