Smalberger.com is an online, browsable register of the Smalberger family dating back to Schmalberger ancestry from Lohrhaupten, Germany in 1677.

It is a family with its largest presence in South Africa, with branches around the world. There are other descendants from Germany with variations in spelling such as Smallberger and Smalbergher, especially in the United States, and also Schmalbergers that kept the ancestral spelling. Hopefully in the future more information on the earlier branches of the Schmalbergers pre-1677 can be brought to light to provide an older and broader family history.

The goal of the project is to provide an up-to-date, browsable family tree for current and future generations. “Die Smalberger familieregister” by Henry C. Hopkins published in 1962 provided the basis for this project. I hope that the website will grow to be a living, growing project – sustained by contributions from members and family such as yourself. These contributions may include missing biostatistics, photos, life stories,  finding unknown family branches and so forth. It is up to us, the current generation, to record this information and continue the legacy for our future generations…

Join in, explore and feel free to contribute. Every bit counts!

If you have any questions or comments please feel to comment or contact me. johan(at)smalberger.com

Best regards,

Johan Smalberger

Lohrhaupten, Germany:

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Welcome to Smalberger.com. Home of the family tree of Smalbergers worldwide. Currently the ancestral records date back to Lohrhaupten, Germany in 1677.