From August 2014 onwards we are able to update the Smalberger Family Tree online. This means your contributions and information can be added to the family tree faster.

How do I add or update information?

+ If you would like to update or add information to the tree, please leave a comment with details on the relevant person (or their closest relative’s) page. We will then update the family tree as soon as possible to show the new information.

How do I upload photos or pictures of historical records?

It is also now possible to upload photos and pictures!

+ Photos/Historical Records: We need more of these! If you have photos of individuals, families, places or historical records, which you would like to share, you can now upload them.


1. Go the page of the person for who you would like to add the photo or picture.

2. Go to the bottom of that person’s page and write details of the photo in the “Comment” section.

3. Click¬†on “Choose file” button (below the “Post Comment” button) and select the photo or picture that you would like to upload.
(The photos have to be either GIF, PNG, JPG or JPEG format)

4. Once you select the photo, the name of the file will show up next to the “Choose file” button.

5. Click on “Post Comment”. Be patient to allow the photo to upload. Once finished, the photo or picture will be added at the bottom of the person’s page.
If suitable we will add one of the photos to be a person’s profile photo

If you have any questions or comments please feel to contact me.


Welcome to Home of the family tree of Smalbergers worldwide. Currently the ancestral records date back to Lohrhaupten, Germany in 1677.